2018- 2019 Fees and Payments

Dance starts September, 2018 and ends with our recital performance in May, 2019. Dance classes will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (depending on what dances your child wants to take).

We offer tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre, acro, adult boot camp  and CDTA exam classes.

Dancers aged 3-5 will take a combo class that includes tap and ballet. Older dancers are divided by dance experience/skill (not necessarily age) by our instructors into beginner, junior, intermediate, and senior categories.

$35    Combo          3-5-year-old Tap and Ballet taught in one class

$40    Value Pack   Ballet and Jazz for 6-18 years, taught as two separate classes but billed as one!

$35    One class

$30    Each additional class

Free  6th class per family

 Fees may be paid in:

  • monthly postdated cheques (dated for the first of each month from September to April),
  • in two postdated cheques (dated September 1st and January 1st), or
  • in full by cash or cheque (dated September 1st).

 Example of payment schedule:

                                              Monthly                              Bi-payment                         Full payment

1 class or combo class $35.00 $140.00 $280.00
2 classes $65.00 $260.00 $520.00
3 classes $95.00 $380.00 $760.00
4 classes $125.00 $500.00 $1000.00
5 classes $155.00 $620.00 $1240.00
6 classes $155.00 $620.00 $1240.00

If your dancer is taking advantage of our value pack, your cost would go down accordingly!

*Cheques should be made payable to Wolseley Dance Club and will be collected upon dance start up in September.

There is funding available through an organization called “Creative Kids”. There is a maximum of $750.00 per child per year available. It will cover such costs as registration fees, costumes, competitions, shoes.

You can apply independently by going to their website at: www.creativekidssask.ca under “forms and publications”. You can also contact them at (306) 780-9361. Once your application is complete they would like it faxed to (306) 780-9252.

If you are interested in the funding opportunity it needs to be sent in as soon as possible. Creative Kids funding deadline is posted on their website.

The cut off to register your child for dance is October 1, 2018

Any other questions please contact us at: wolseleydanceclub@hotmail.com

Thank you and we are looking forward to a great dance year!!